For start-ups, acquisition, agencies, for-benefit projects…

And most of all for you.

Track your contributions inside projects and earn parts of funding down the road.

We all want to help each other – and everyone should be rewarded for it. XShares are the easiest tool to pay back collaborators once you have revenue or funding.

Collaborations are the new funding.

The XChange guarantee.

XShares are legally binding contracts that turn into legal shares upon a trigger moment that can be individually defined per project.

We help changing the world by giving back tangible value to the virtue of collaboration.

Claas, Founder & CEO

We make sure that assets and IP are kept safe and you get what you deserve.

Steffi, Legal advisor

We develop a cutting-edge technology to turn knowledge into your currency.

Fabian, Founder & CTO

Who We Are?​

The XChange ecosystem invites everyone to contribute to startup growth, help multiplying impact, share their knowledge and trade value created in the projects they support, while investors and multipliers take part in the startup development with life updates and reliable metrics.

There is more to come.