We have developed a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that is life and running. You can sign up here and use it already before its launch. To improve its interface, we developed a prototype (“click dummy”). Your testing of this prototype is of tremendous (!!) help for us in developing the #1 tool for you and the community of the collaboration community. Follow the steps below, it takes 30 min. Or learn more about the concept of Xchange before you test.

  1. Please watch the short intro video. A similar video will be provided to new users on the platform, 5 min
  2. Test the prototype of Xchange V1.0 in the section, guided by the test questions, 10 min
  3. Answer the survey below to capture your experience, 15 min
  4. Feel free to sign up to the Xchange MVP which is live and ready for your use. We will iterate the MVP and create V1.0 based on your feedback

Thank you so much! Let’s create something awesome together!

Yours, Fabian & Claas

Now please test the Xchange 1.0 prototype

By clicking through the prototype:

  1. How would you create a new project?
  2. How would you search for projects?
  3. How would you work on your project?
    1. Get an overview about the status of your project
    2. Work on objectives (OKRs)
    3. Add new objective
    4. Invite someone to collaborate for virtual shares
  4. How would you work on a collaboration task?
  5. How do you know how much virtual shares you own?
  6. How would you look for other members?
  7. How would you communicate with other members?


Let’s Xchange!

In beta, Xchange is free!

And even afterwards we don’t want your money: Because we believe in you and become your first collaborator!

As a collaborator, Xchange receives virtual shares worth 10 EUR per month per user for our services instead of cash. No strings attached – you never owe us cash. (But you can pay us cash if you do not want to hand out virtual shares until you have the first other collaborator signed up)