The Operting System for accelerators and incubators – fueled by collaboration, connected to the world.

Manage your startups. Engage your mentors.

Present KPI metrics to your investor network.

Welcome operators! This is the future for your program.

Running an accelerator, incubator, company builder has never been so easy. Operate your own dedicated ecosystem, make your organisation automated and measurable.

Working with startups entails uncertainty and risk. The task to support founders, build a support network and assess project progress is still manually, subjective and cannot scale. To help you out, we invented an ecosystem that will change the way of managing your organisation entirely! Because Collaboration is the new automation!


Walk through your startup operating system

Navigate projects – even before they enter your program

Build your specific program on the Xchange platform – or use the Xchange template of best practices for accelerating startups.

Let your startups navigate themselves using our unique navigator tools. It is not just another learning platform or kanban board: The navigator allows each startup to find and navigate their own path. You guide them, supported by our AI.

And the best, the navigator can be even used as an acquisition funnel: Invite startups to your platform; let them navigate and document themselves; and use the data they provide to decide on their admission.

Measure progress – support startups with what they really need

Monitor your startups with real-time KPIs to know what they need when.

While startups use the navigator to organise themselves and manage collaborations, you analyse the data and monitor their progress. This way, you know how startups perform, how they grow or where they pivot. And you invite your mentors, community or investors to support the projects specifically where they need help; or observe them for the right time to invest in.

Get 33x more out of your financial support – multiply efficiency and scaling

Distribute financial support towards collaborations instead of paying high prices on the market.

Invite the community, your mentors or someone you know to collaborate with your startups – benefit from their knowledge, experience and skill without the need for major cash injections. As a reward they get Virtual Shares. Only 3% of the value you get is paid as a collaboration fee on the platform. We handle contracting, asset management and the legal framework. The result is that startups get much, much more out of limited financial resources.

And along the way, your mentor network ensures pre-validation of every crucial part of your startup batch. Because the more promissing a startup is, the more collaborators it will attract.

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Your new Operating System provides

  • Project navigator
  • Community view
  • Collaboration rewards
  • Contracting framework for Virtual Shares
  • Dashboard with metrics per startup
  • Admin area with metrics on your program

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