NeXtGen – Social EdTech for the Next Generation

NeXtGen is the Social EdTech app that will engage GenZ minds in Social Media-like challenges while learning everything they need to know for it, like a game, together with the community. The project builds on the success of the EU-funded prototype project Natural Entrepreneurs, a platform for schools to help students solve SDG-based innovation challenges learning from nature and using STEM-skills. Social EdTech is the future to open the 122 bn USD EdTech market for 1.2 bn youngsters doing what they like most: Online projects, social connections, visionary videos.


Young adults wish to learn outside the educational system. They want to fuel their knowledge and prepare for the job market. 2.6 bn learners fuel this 122 bn USD EdTech market.


Connecting learning and doing in a SoMe-like feel. Make education interest based. Apply and evolve skills in a collaborative gamified way working on real-world challenges.


An action based learning and collaboration platform. A community of like minded young adults. A qualification funnel for skills, talents and achievements to get recruited more easily.

Guided learning

Learning processes, content created by users or scraped from the web is fed into our own AI which suggests next steps and success stories, matches users and projects, and finds strengths oppor-tunities, career paths.


Users set out on a journey with a challenge, learn to solve a problem, manage themselves, create and communicate their solution. while at the same time learning about themselves, their strengths and wishes.


Challenges are tackled by teams, sharing knowledge and skills in incentivised and rewarded by credits. The app promotes transparency, rewards meaningful content and penalises bullying.


For learning and sharing insights with the community, users earn credit points they can buy learning content and other perks from. Competitions and push notifications spur engagement.

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