is the Collaboration and Ecosystem OS for early stage startup- and multi-stakeholder ventures to facilitate co-creation, multiply impact, share knowledge and trade value.

If we are open to take everything as a teacher, value diversity, and help others to excel, we multiply our own wins and influence. XChange is the solution to cross boundaries, reduce silos, and exchange information while staying safe and sound.

Process navigator and dashboard

Project management tools, even agile Kanban, give the impression that working your way up to build a venture is a straight, plannable project. You know it’s not! Every venture is a unique assembly of tasks and milestones. And with our process navigator you experiment with options based on the experience of others on the network. It’s anonymous and secure, so you advance together step by step without giving away your secrets.

The dashboard gives you more analytics on how you are doing on your way to success, through failing early and often. The analytics provide insights to you, and help others to learn from your experience – just as you learn from theirs.

Investor dashboard and involvement

The process navigator helps you to steer through the tempest with the help of hundreds of thousands of other entrepreneurs and supporters. Automatically gathering insights on your venture has the additional benefit that you can create a business plan, development curve or financial risk assessment as simple as passing a button.

For you as an angel investor, incubator, venture builder or fund, it is vital to support the right ventures at the right time with the right assets. Getting life insights on how founder and start-up are doing improves your involvement and reduces the risk of for your investment tremendously. Your role as an investor turns from a funder and auditor to one of the most active supporters.

Process builder and system mapper

Building something out of nothing means connecting the dots on an invisible canvas. We make that canvas visible. Our process builder gives you a checkerboard with various perspectives to visually experiment with decisions, connects tasks into a network and suggests decisions.

The system mapper then gives you various views to see your emerging process from different angles. It is like discovering a whiteboard anew: Your process becomes a globe; drawing multiple connections will be as natural as thinking what you could have for dinner.

Collaborator community and marketplace

While the future of business are communities, the future of communities happens on XChange: The platform connects projects and sectors to multiply their impact – yet their unique identity and value is preserved and promoted.

Needs in projects are easily posted to the community and met with offers: You can swipe through projects, connections, and collaboration requests to find the match for your skills, knowledge or investment interests.

Wallet and trading

XShares are the new way to manage ownership, assets and contributions in projects from non-profit to start-ups and even employee engagement programmes: flexible, quick, transparent, reliable, secure.

Every professional on the platform benefits, when their community and connected networks win. The gamified XCoin token system buys you access to knowledge and tools on XChange, superpowers in the community, perks and more. The best is: Our ground-breaking incentive system tracks and rewards sharing of knowledge and data, even if you are not active on the platform: Whenever content is picked up by others on the platform, everyone involved earns XCoins.

And it gets even better: XChange will turn into a fund itself, a platform to earn money with daily contributions, and a fun way to speculate with micro-investments. In the future you can trade XShares and XCoins in your wallet so you profit from every action and every collaboration even before there is money coming in for projects and or in start-up funding rounds.

Seamless integration with chats and productivity tools

XChange does not intend to replace classical (agile) project management tools, nor established community platforms, or your favourite messenger app. On the contrary, it integrates seamlessly with all those applications! This way, you can manage your XChange process in Clickup or Asana, connect to your project with communities on Mighty Networks and others, and chat with your team mates and the global community in Telegram or Signal.

This is the future we envision, were all tools, all people, all assets are connected not in a single place but without borders or friction.

This is what we build XChange for.

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