The future of Early Stage investing – powered by collaboration!

Find opportunites. Set your own standards. Manage your startups.

Welcome to the future of Early Stage investing!

You take big risk investing in startups – yet, decision making is lacking data. Instead of browsing through endless pitch decks, browse through KPIs and find only pre-validated startups. You will be able to assess risk easier and don’t need to wait for traction when there can be none. Be the first one to find the next big opportunity. And after investing, watch them grow using life data.


Walk through your Startup Operating System

Follow progress – support take data-based decisions

Monitor your startups with real-time KPIs to know what they need when.

Stop the pitch deck hustle. Invite every startup fitting your investment focus into your own ecosystem prior to investing. Xchange is ready for being your operating system. Have your own startup validation template as the starting point. Have startups document their status quo. When they reach certain KPIs, invite them automatically to pitch. Everything automated.

Support startups as a mentor – assisted by AI

Your startups are supported by our AI mentor online to make progress. Following that progress on Xchange is like you have a living business plan. It helps your due diligence and gives you the opportunity to support them with knowledge and network.

We have built a template navigation system for your unique process. Imagine being able to challenge founders to tackle certain weak spots prior to investing. And even after investing – don’t rely on reports, rather have quick insights and set new challenges. At the end you have fully documented ventures, ready to fly. Have data and KPIs support you.

Get more out of your assets – collaboration is the key

Using investments for collaboration increases its value 33x.

We have build a contribution value based system, that allows for a fair exchange of services for virtual shares. Think of your network or any other collaborator being able to pre-validate a startup or speed up its progress. Get experts into your system and have them benefit. Grow your success with outside knowledge. And scale without additional effort.

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Your new Operating System provides

  • Project navigator
  • Community view
  • Collaboration rewards
  • Contracting framework for Virtual Shares
  • Dashboard with metrics per startup
  • Admin area with metrics on your program

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