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Xchange is the Hallmark for Ecosystem Venture Building

Here is where, expert ownership meets community wisdom plus high tech

This is how Xchange works

The power of business and technology ecosystem design


Our concept is this: We build collaboration platforms for industry verticals with proven user needs based on our established software suite.

The success of our concept turned us into a unique data-driven Venture Studio: For those who dare to venture beyond the small market niche and think big; for those who create value so that money will follow naturally; for those who have the character and drive to really make a change.

If you are identified as an industry champion, an expert with a proven service in your vertical, here is how we proceed together:

  • Service blueprint analysis
  • Capability Self-Assessment
  • Digital business concept development
  • Roadmap and legal agreement
  • Founder support
  • Task force for development of our joint venture
  • Founding and fundraising


Value creation for business and society requires highly intelligent service design. We developed a software suite and technology infrastructure that is unique in the world:

  • Processes Management: We capture service processes from business and human behaviour to let users share their knowledge and learning on everyday objectives, while keeping IP save and personal.
  • Hybrid-AI: We train our AI with the best machine learning services on the planet and integrate everyday thoughts and insights from users.
  • Private blockchain: We run on our own Distributed Ledger, developed by leading Swiss engineers – the fastest, most secure, and most resource efficient DLT available.
  • Incentive System: Our science-based multilevel reward system uses blockchain coins and feedback for legally binding contracting and engagement managment.


We can always achieve more together than anyone could ever do alone. Science can help us to design systems that mutual beneficial relationships that would not happen all by themselves. With our scientists, business experts and user researchers, we built the collaboration ecosystem that drives true value creation:

  • Collaboration contract, legally binding and compliant
  • IP and data protection on blockchain
  • Contribution and data sharing rewards based on psychological and systems science
  • VSOP, ESOP and Slicing Pie

Xchange changes the way industries work

Your expert knowledge embedded in the venture ecosystem

The Collaboration Economy conquers whole industries and markets by changing the rules of what we call value. Xchange helps you build your company and software by partnering with the most foreward thinking makers of their industry – your personal Startup Builder. The result are high-potential startup based on a cutting-edge platform that you can run yourself, or sell as whitelabel SaaS. Check out our selected use cases and contact us for more intel.


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