Starting up is a flow – if you have 10,000 people to help you.

Build your own acceleration program – powered by collaboration. Because together we always achieve more.

Short welcome by founder Claas Kauenhowen

Accelerate everything – all in one:

  • Project manager with OKRs
  • Process planning with digital mentorship
  • Talent contracting with Virtual Shares
  • Living business plan for due diligence

Welcome founders! This is your future.

Starting up can be tough and overwhelming; you can’t just follow a plan from start to end; your cash may take you somewhere – but usually not far enough. To help you out, we invented an ecosystem that will change the way of starting up entirely! Backed by a community of contributors and loved by investors. Because Collaboration is the new pre-stage funding!


Walk through your startup navigation system

Navigate your project – with your individual process

Build your own acceleration process with our navigator that leads you from Vision to Exit planning.

Use our customizable templates to navigate through all elements of your venture and stages of your startup. We have built a navigation system for you to easily know where you are at, what you need to do next and where you need support. All the while your venture stays a unique, evolving living being, customised by you and our AI.

Set goals to reach them – fast and efficient

Race through your pre-funding phase with our state-of-the-art methods, combined to meet the reality of founders.

Setting goals is the key to success: An aim, tasks, assignments, deadlines. Stay on top of your progress using OKR logic – Yes, that’s the methods that makes Google so awesome. Xchange is not another project management tool but makes milestone tracking intuitive and worthwhile.

Get what you need – without the need for cash

Stop worrying about resources – invite them to collaborate! 

Invite the community, your mentors or someone you know to collaborate with you on yours tasks – benefit from knowledge, experience and skill. As a reward they get Virtual Shares instead of cash. You only pay 3% of the value you get as a collaboration fee. We handle contracting, asset management and the legal framework.

Get mentorship – through AI and collaborators

Measure yourself – find gaps and show progress

Connect and apply globally and automatically – to funders and accelerators

Start to xchange

Your new navigation system provides

  • Project navigator
  • Community view
  • Collaboration rewards
  • Contracting framework for Virtual Shares
  • Dashboard with metrics for your startup
  • Graph map to track progress
  • Invitation to co-owners, mentors and investors


Use cases

Because you only pay the platform fees but not the full service value, you multiply the worth of your available cash! Founders on average have 10.000 Euro in their pre-funding stage. Spend it on Xchange and you receive services worth 330.000 Euro!

Let’s Xchange!

Welcome community! Become part of something great.

Join the startup world – you are what startups need. Support founders to succeed through your experience, skill and knowledge. You invest time. You receive virtual shares in return and benefit like a co-founder. Plus: It feels great to be part of an amazing startup journey!


Walk through the startup community

Follow the journey – observe, learn, engage

Every startup follows its own acceleration process with our navigator that leads you from Vision to Exit planning.

Become co-founder for one task – check out promissing projects

Easily access startups and see how your portfolio value grows.

Your contribution adds to the KPI Dashboard as valuable data. Investors are able to follow your contribution and see the startup’s evolution. You are an expert and investors trust that. So it is like every collaboration adding to the startup’s credibility and value – almost like a pre due-diligence.

Co-create value – and get rewarded

Your contribution is exchanged for Virtual Shares when founders need it most.

We have build a market value based system that allows for a fair exchange. You are sharing part of the risk and reward. The value of your time will eventually grow massively over time. And you are able to witness it.

Become a startup mentor – share your knowledge

Get to know the community and connect to founders, other contributors and investors.

No matter what you can contribute – every skill is welcome and needed. We have built a navigation system for you to easily assess where the startup is at, what difference your contribution will make and what is needed for the startup to succeed. It is OKR based, transparent and easy to use.

Follow the progress – and see how your virtual Shares increase in value

Connect globally – with startups and your peers

Start to xchange

Your new navigation system provides

  • Collaboration rewards
  • Project browser with startup metrics
  • Community view
  • Wallet of your Virtual Shares
  • Contracting framework for Virtual Shares

Let’s Xchange!

Xchange is free!

We don’t want your money, Because we appreciate you!

As a collaborator you join and use our services for free.