Starting up is a journey. Xchange is your pathfinder.

We believe you deserve as much support as possible. Our ecosystem is your digital Operating System.


Changing the game in three steps!

Starting up can be tough and overwhelming; you can’t just follow a plan from start to end; your cash may take you somewhere – but usually not far enough. To help you out, we invented an ecosystem that will change the way of starting up entirely! Backed by a community of contributors and loved by investors. Because Collaboration is the new pre-stage funding!

We have built a navigation system for you to easily know where you are at, what you need to do next and where you need support. It is OKR based (Yes, that’s how Google does it!) but sees your venture as an evolving process. At the end you have a fully documented startup, ready to fly.

You get access to supporters and services you need in exchange for Virtual Shares when you need it most. Instead of giving away shares just like that, we have build a market value based system, that allows for a fair exchange. Every collaborator is sharing part of risk and reward.

Your journey creates KPI Dashboard out of your data. Investors find you before you need to pitch, follow your journey and see your evolution. Every collaborator is an expert and investors trust that. So it is like every collaboration adding to your credibility and value – almost like a pre due-diligence.


Navigation & Orientation for your project

Navigate your project using your Startup Operating System

  • Use our customizable templates to navigate through all elements of your venture and stages of your startup
  • Stay on top of your progress using OKR logic and established project management techniques
  • 100% flexible as we see your startup as a living organism – a process that evolves constantly
  • Document everything to learn, stay on top of your journey and proof your value (yes, especially failures have value) to potential partners and investor
  • Use your OKR Documentation to know where you need support
  • Invite the community or someone you know to collaborate with you on that task – benefit from knowledge, experience and skill

Get more out of your assets

Stop worrying about resources – invite them to collaborate! 

  • Measure community collaboration using the market value of the collaboration (i.e. hourly rate, project price)
  • Convert the market value of the contribution to virtual shares – instead of paying cash. Your collaborator will take part in your risk and success. (See it as an operational investment into your startup!)
  • You only pay 3% of the value as a collaboration fee. We handle contracting, asset management and the legal framework.
  • Have collaborators validate every detail of your startup.

Because you only pay the platform fees but not the full service value, you multiply the worth of your available cash! Founders on average have 10.000 Euro in their pre-funding stage. Spend it on Xchange and you receive services worth 330.000 Euro!

Virtual Shares

Virtual shares means, that you do not give away company shares, but allow others to virtually participate in profits or exit value – like a real shareholder.


First: You reserve a certain percentage of shares of your company for your collaborators – the collaboration fund.

Second: You invite collaborators to support you. Every contribution has a market value – and is like cash input in your fund.

Third: When you get your first investment, your company will have a valuation. Based on that, each collaborator receives his amount of virtual shares.

Xchange has your back: The Virtual Shares of the platform are created by our FinTech and LegalTech experts to be legally binding. You don’t have to worry or consult lawyers to write contracts, NDAs or MoUs – just focus on what you do best: Build your startup!

Science and Magic

Collaboration is as old as humankind – we used it to survive back then hunting mammoth. It is engrained as a human principle in our DNA. We should use it again – based on Novel-prize winning science. When we all collaborate, we achieve the positive impact for the benefit of people and planet.

We incorporate all this as a base principle for the next big thing: The Collaboration Economy. Startup, innovation, cross-corporate projects will all function much better if collaboration is curated. It is based on an easy principle: You contribute – you receive your part of the final value.

Web3 is systemic change.

We truly believe, that we are part of the solution for the world challenges. The impact of our venture is to use Web3 technology to connect human assets. More worldly: We create the next version of a system of how we create together.

  • You knowledge becomes a currency
  • Your Intellectual property becomes an NFT
  • You hyper-connect between networks while staying on your own interface
  • Our LegalTech and FinTech features cover your back

Let’s Xchange!

In beta, Xchange is free!

And even afterwards we don’t want your money: Because we believe in you and become your first collaborator!

As a collaborator, Xchange receives virtual shares worth 10 EUR per month per user for our services instead of cash. No strings attached – you never owe us cash. (But you can pay us cash if you do not want to hand out virtual shares until you have the first other collaborator signed up)