bliss – Measurable Personal Development Processes

We are creating a digital ecosystem to facilitate individual, comprehensible and measurable personal development processes for users including all industry stakeholders.

Personal development has many disciplines that are currently segregated. People are left without orientation and apply trial & error when it comes to personal challenges. We are experts around personal development processes. Our solution translates our knowledge into a digital platform that can be used by individuals and that connects the industry. Our deep market knowledge we gained through successfully running own Coaching Academy offering extensive education, workshops and individual coaching.

  • Building a platform (SaaS) for personal development & automated process facilitation
  • Self-servicing software & industry marketplace
  • Female founders with outstanding track record
  • Joint project of industry veteran (30+ years in the coaching industry), digital strategy and product development specialist (10+ years of experience) & seasoned startup/technology experts (20+ years of startup entrepreneurship)
  • Backend is developed (deep tech), frontend needs to be developed

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