XChange is all about supporting early stage startups.

Are you a startup or do you want to be part of the startup world?

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We would like to support you in

  • getting a clear overview of your startup
  • mapping out the right next steps
  • finding the right supporters for you (don’t worry about the money)

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  • being part of a startup?
  • investing your free time?
  • having real impact? (and real returns)

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  • saving time while finding the next big opportunity?
  • screening early stage startups with definite KPIs?
  • letting us do a pre-validation for you? (yes, we support you, too)

XChange is changing the way we start anything in 2022.

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Collaborations are the new funding.

The XChange ecosystem invites everyone to contribute to startup growth, help multiplying impact, share their knowledge and trade value created in the projects they support, while investors and multipliers take part in the startup development with life updates and reliable metrics.

There is more to come.

We help changing the world by giving back tangible value to the virtue of collaboration.

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We make sure that assets and IP are kept safe and you get what you deserve.

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We develop a cutting-edge technology to turn your knowledge into your currency.

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